Zomerweek 12 juli t/m 19 juli 2014


met denkgereedschappen

Begeleiding: Paul Wouters

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Workshop Tools for Thoughts

In the past decade, several hundreds of people, mostly professionals, participated in a workshop Tools for Thought and found answers to a fundamental question that hunted them, personally and/or professionally.
The tools are described and illustrated in the book Denkgereedschap 2.0. (See Publications on this site for a downloadable English translation of the Introduction.) In the workshop, I use music and the arts to bring the tools to life. Participants apply the tools to their own burning question or issue.
Different formats are possible, depending on whether the workshop is in company or not, and on your level of ambition and the time you are prepared to invest. Half a day is a strict minimum.
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A full week summer edition will occur July 13-19 in Ardèche, France.

Belgians and the Dutch working with - or against - each other

It is remarkable that many multinational companies chose in the recent past to organize their business Benelux-wise. I was able to support quite a few of them in their effort to improve cooperation between the different national parties in this (new) configuration. You may think about Coca Cola, IBM, ASC, Adecco, Ernst & Young, Besix, ING, ABNAmro, Sun Microsystems, Eon, British Telecom, BSC Travel, and others.
I developed some specific tools and instruments that help to develop awareness, understanding and synergy. If you recognize the issue and want to hear more, contact me.

You may

Leadership Atelier (LA)

As a management consultant specialized in leadership issues, I ran quite a lot of so-called leadership programs. As a matter of fact, I participate in some to this day. With pleasure. However, I came to doubt the overall effectiveness of these programs for the organization, and I developed a viable alternative: the LA.
If this sounds interesting, please download my article on LA (in Dutch) or contact me. I will be glad to tell you about for example the LA experience at ABNAmro Region South.

The Quality of Higher Education

I was always involved in education in my life, after being a student I became teacher, educational researcher, professor,� and recently also auditor of institutes for higher education in Europe, and ultimately also trainer of this kind of auditors, especially of (vice-) chairpersons of audit committees. I work in this respect on behalf of the Flemish-Dutch Quality Assurance Agency NVAO and of the E-Train Initiative of the European Commission.
My utmost focus is higher educational leadership:
Dear (member of the) board of executives, what is your mission, vision and strategy? What is your added value in higher education and how do you make sense?
You can imagine that I�m inclined to make a connection with the Leadership Atelier. Feel invited to contact me if this rings a bell.